How to Choose Your Battles: What reward is attached to fighting this battle? What reward is attached to winning this battle? Is this a battle that has victors or is this a battle where no one wins? If there is no reward in fighting or winning this battle, if this is a lose-lose battle, you... Continue Reading →


Inferiority & Insecurity How to Be Fearless and Successful In The Perilous Times Steve Foss on It's Supernatural. God showed him the root of all sin and how to overcome it. The Deception: Creating A Spirit of Insecurity and Inferiority God made man in His own image, already like Himself. Satan said that God... Continue Reading →

PRAY THESE PRAYERS MORNING AND BEDTIME Repentance Prayer These prayers came in from brother Larry, He has been visited by the Lord. Please take this very seriously. Stand in the Gap for Your Family The Holy Spirit has told me to start to stand in the gap for my family. My prayers are now limited... Continue Reading →

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