We Learn From Observing Nature How to Incorporate Back to Eden Principles into your Farm or Garden. Use wood chips to fertilize your soil. Mix some in the soil and rest some on top of soil allowing nature to break it down into the top soil. Create a wood chip mound that drains rain water... Continue Reading →


Understanding Our Body's Makeup and Needs are Essential to Providing Proper Nutrition.  Do you know what your body needs? Disclaimer: I am not a physician. Please consult your own health physician before putting any of these health strategies into practice. MY OWN TESTIMONY After giving birth to two wonderful boys and being in an abusive... Continue Reading →

What does our hair need to grow strong and healthy? Many of us go to the store and purchase products we think we need for our hair.  Did you ever think of what your hair really needs to grow strong and healthy? Products used in the following videos are available at amazon.com. I have placed... Continue Reading →

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