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Yeshua’s Royal Priesthood – Intercessory Prayer Group’s Website Policies and Procedures

Once you access or use our Intercessory Prayer Group website, you agree to adhere to our Terms of Use and Policies and Procedures.

Our website is created using WordPress, thus they are further covered under WordPress’ Terms of Service.

We have created our Intercessory Prayer Group as a service to our clients to promote interaction amongst our website users and provide an avenue whereby they can collaborate on topics of their choice. Participation is not a requirement and is initiated by our users on a completely voluntarily basis.

Joining Our Prayer Group

You can join our Prayer Group by filling out the Sign-Up Form located on our parent website: www.qpcarleen.me. Once we receive your request to join, it will be reviewed by our team. If your request to join our group is accepted, you will receive an invitation via the e-mail you entered when submitting your request. You will need to accept this invitation in order to be able to join our group and participate.

Termination of Particiipation By Us

Observance of a G-rated Prayer Group

Our Intercessory Prayer Group is G-rated for a general audience, therefore we ask our participants to conduct themselves in a respectable manner. Profanity, name calling and general disrespect is not allowed and will result in the termination of your participation in our group.

If you conduct yourself in a disrespectful manner, your participation will be terminated. You may receive an e-mail informing you of the reasons why your participation has been terminated. We adhere to a strict conduct code and ask all participants to behave accordingly.

Termination of Participation By You

After joining, you can decline participation by sending us an email stating that you would like to leave this group. If you wish to rejoin the group at another time, you will need to  sending us a request to rejoin email. Email us at admin@qpcarleen.me.

If you have signed up for a WordPress account, that account will still remain active after leaving our group. Please follow WordPress’ account deletion procedures if you wish to delete that account also.

Privacy Policy

Information We Collect and How It Is Used

We collect information on our Contact Form and Our Information Request forms. We use this information to communicate with our clients. We do not sell or pass on this information to any third party companies for any reason.

Information collected on our Contact Form is used to communicate with our clients on requests and concerns that they submit on that form usually through the email address that they enter when submitting that form.


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Modification to Our Policies and Procedures

We reserve the right to make modification to our policies and procedures without notice. Once you use our website or participate in our Colab Area, you submit to adhere to these modifications also. We will post modifications on this page so you should check back regularly.

Last Revised: 1/10/2018


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